Are you ready to start strength training to help stabilize your scoliosis or to help support your spinal fusion?

Stabilize Your Scoliosis

The FREE Guide to Strength Training with Scoliosis is an 11 page guide designed to help you to get stronger and activate your supportive muscles with the goal to take control of your curve and do things you never thought possible with scoliosis**.

Support Spinal Fusion

The FREE Guide - How to Start Strength Training After a Spinal Fusion is a 10 page guide designed to help you to get stronger and activate your supportive muscles. It will help you get started on a safe exercise program after you are cleared by your surgeon**.

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Whether you want to do something proactive to help with your scoliosis or start supporting your fusion for the long term, these guides will help you on that journey!!

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**Please be advised, these guides are educational in nature and not meant to diagnose or treat scoliosis. Neither guide comes with any guarantees of reducing progression or not needing surgery. It is not appropriate for clients with uncontrolled pain, unstable curves (>50 degrees), or children/teenagers who are still growing. For individualized recommendations it is best to follow up with a provider trained in the treatment of scoliosis, free consultations are available with me for these indication.

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